Kay Konnect 23rd Birthday!

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My birthday party celebration which was insanely crazy.  My best friends came to celebrate! Deek (Washington D.C) in yellow.  My best buddy from 5 years old.  I met her fresh off the plane from Jamaica.  And my dog Aleicia (Jamaica, Queens), we are in it to win it, 13 years strong.  We lived together for 3 years and still running things.



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One year after my fathers death..just cooling out with my sisters, great aunt, cousins and neices…I needed that…:)

From UK to NY…Eurogang and Kay Konnect chillin’

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Hanging out briefly with my homeboys Mega and Mayhem of Eurogang and Ravi at Bar None in Soho.  I see the drop top Ravi.  Mega and Mayhem of Eurogang are in town from England.


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Stars are born, not made.  Thanks for all the folks who came out to the CITY OF CHIEFS Documentary Shoot.

More and documentary participant shout outs to follow…

Kiara’s BDAY last Saturday at Amber!

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Happy Birthday girl! I had a great time, small intimate dinner.  One shot was enough for me.  I’m trying to lay low now. I don’t even want to tell you how I’ve been PMSing for two weeks; you know the symptoms crying, pouting, frowning (just too much on the plate with the documentary stuff, book, website…I’m doing too much and not relaxing so I can have a clear head).  I have to learn to delegate better…lol…so to make up for it last night, I snuck in my fridge around 2am and saw…..drum roll…the red velvet cake from your birthday party…why did my greedy self grab a spoon and walk the cake to the bed…hopped back in the sheets and guess what….why did I wake up with whip cream and red crumbs on my face….AND the spoon and the plate of cake I didn’t eat.  I fell asleep with the cake….LOLOL….aw man…gotta love me…sometimes I brighten up my own damn day with the things I do…LOVE you…from Boston to NY!!! I got ya mama…

Now for my next birthday you have to surprise me…since I’ve never had a surprise anything.  I organize things…so I never get to reap the treasures of being in the passenger side of the whip.

I love love, so you know I love how all the beautiful ladies were in the building to celebrate for you…that makes me feel happy! Thanks for holding me down too…

By the way, more of The Alchemist talk later…and your boyfriends advice made it absolutely worstttttt!!!! Silence. ARRGGHHH…:(

COC Video Shoot @ Fight Klub Studios NYC (July 17, 2008)

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Ok, phase 2 of the THE CITY IS MINE Documentary Photoshoot went down in New York City at the legendary Fight Klub Studios.  The shoot was just for crowd shots to supplement past mixers.  There are fours phases of the documentary.  We are in the wrap up phase.

2 Phases left to go…

A couple shout outs off the dome (not a complete list, and in no particualr order, more coming later):

Rahman Dukes (MTV, Mixtape Mondays), Gotti, Big Apple (Swagg magazine), Brian Mack (Foundation Magazine), Rikers (Stall and Dean), Nilka (Applebottoms), Vinny Idol (D-Block in house producer), D.O.E (Timberland artist), Donny Goines, Nema (Hot 97), Jawana (Texas Monthly), Janna (Swirl PR), Nida Kahn, Moody (MGMT Inc/Maino), Sarah A. (Def Jam), Alisha and Karl Lawrence (MGMT. Inc/Maino), Dox, Kelo, Baby Paul (Bpzy), Sharieff (Abandoned Nation/Saigon), Ajana (Abandoned Nation), Jomaree
(A.Pinks), Candice Mackel (BETWashington DC), Lyriciss, Kauso, Ms. Drama, June Archer (Starcyde), Smoothe da Hustler, Lady Luck, Uneek, Alyse Feldman, Steve (Allhiphop.com), Remo da Rapstarr, GBA Royalty, Fetti Benton and crew, Serius Jones, T-Lo and Omar (Vibesmen), Danielle (Universal Music), DJ Rad Beats, Chi-Chi E, JP (Grindworks LLC) Angela (Koch Distribution), Eric Bayruns (Koch Distribution), Prospect, Kurt Lewis, E Getz (Capitol Records), Crown (Firehouse Muzik), Shaun Buchanan (D.Visionz Music Group), Darin (Dvisionz), Giselle, Reggie-O (ARENY), Dove Clark (Allhiphop.com), Big Ced (Industry Cosign), Slim, Esso, Jack Danz, Lywan (Loaftout Entertainment), Nina B (Ravenel Records), DJ Radio (Streetsweeper/Sirius Satellite), DJ Scope (Streetsweeper), Roger (mgr. DJ Scope), Margaret (Koch Distribution), Mesai (Rap Fanatic), Ainz, Odienne (Brash PR), and Tiffiany (Brash PR), Puma, Kiara (Jones NY), Conrad Dimanche (Badboy Entertainment/PMP), AZ (PMP), Madu, Littles (Queensbridge), Simone (Dr. Jays.com), Punchanella, Amber Jordan (Ravenel Records), Scenario (superproducer), , Ray (FightKlub) and Executive Nick (Fightklub).

Part II. David Banner, SRC, Universal and Myspace event (July 17th)

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Two events back to back.  Videoshoot at Fight Klub Studios, then the Knitting Factory for Banner.  Can’t tell you where the third spot was…shhhh, just know we were Syning…lol

I was so tired I slept for 3 days…