About Kay Konnect


When you start a blog, or make edits, you want your presentation to reflect your deepest passions, views, and so forth…

When I created CITY OF CHIEFS, the most unique and organic networking movement to hit the northeast, I considered the aforementioned.  I am an entrepreneur, a leader, a beast among the wild.  I am a lieutenant, not a soldier.  Simply I am a go getter, with a go get them attitude.




Kay Konnect is art outside of the crayon box.  She utilizes non-traditional mediums to paint pictures and tell stories.


Kay Konnect’s journey into the creative industries began years before millennium marketing fronts.  She was part of the street-team marketing revolution that pierced Boston city neighborhoods of the late 1990s.  “Street teaming during that era was the only way to seize the attention of urban consumers on an eye-to-eye basis.” states Kay Konnect confidently.  She became the sole field representative for the Dr. J 2000 Converse All Star Launch.  Market: Six state New England terrain.



“My goal was to brand Converse in a market dominated by lifelong competitors such as Nike and Adidas,” pours Kay Konnect.  

After weeks of training and merchandising the DR. J 2000 Converse All Stars, Kay Konnect connected with Mountain Dew to splash yellow liquids and The Source Magazine premiums throughout the streets of Boston, Massachusetts.  “The Converse and Mountain Dew launches really nailed me to the streets.  I built a reputation quickly in Boston, MA as the street-girl on the frontlines of brand exposure,” states Kay Konnect.


After years of grinding for corporate clients, not only limited to Converse and Mountain Dew, but also Sprint PCS, Kay Konnect decided to take her passion to platforms beyond canary colored notepads.  She ventured into online and print landscapes as a freelance writer battered with the flours of design, advertising, and marketing in her bowl.  “I took urban journalism to a whole new level by mixing the elements of my marketing and branding hustles together.  What I created was a vehicle for artists to constantly see themselves publicized,” she boasts.

Kay Konnect driven to make a cake that the industry would eat off invaded the hip hop world’s most reputable web sites:  Allhiphop.com and Sixshot.com.  “I knew both sites had strong user and viewer volumes.  I also knew that the sites users were loyal fans, artists, and industry executives.  I had to connect with those worlds.  There was no other way.”  What Kay Konnect did was penetrate both sites back-to-back with exclusive stories and interviews while providing stories for print vehicles on the cement!


Kay Konnect’s academic record compliments her sharp relationships to the streets.  She holds an Associates degree in Advertising Sales, with a minor in Graphic Design from Mount Ida College (www.mountida.edu) School of Business/Chamberlayne School of Design.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science honors degree (cum laude) in Liberal Studies with a concentration in The Art and Structure of Storytelling (a combination of art, cinema studies, philosophy, creative writing, and music) from the reputable Northeastern University (www.neu.edu) in Boston, Massachusetts.  Northeastern University was ranked number one by U.S News and World Report (www.usnews.com) in 2003 for real life meets the classroom experience through a unique internship program called Cooperative Education.



Kay Konnect attended the notable Boston Latin High School (www.bls.org), which is a top tier examination college-preparation school located in the state of Massachusetts.  Boston Latin’s reputation is impeccable.  It was the first school built in the United States of America.  Government officials, respected lawyers, medical doctors, and artists make up the graduate spectrum.  Boston Latin structured me I think.  The school was so diverse.  Being from the inner city, surrounded by suburban scholars was challenging, but it made me competitive which mirrors confidence.  The students in my class were seeds of Senators.  It was unrealistic.  When other public school students studied sewing in Home Economics, I was translating Julius Caesar from Latin to English.  Upon completion, I had to rewrite the same story back from English to Latin,” notes Kay Konnect. 

Boston Latin is the Harvard University (www.harvard.edu) of high schools around the world.  When Harvard University is your safety school to get accepted in, imagine the thought process of the students floating within the atmosphere.  I was trained to think on an advanced level from day one.”  One should not be surprised by the academic culture.  Boston Latin School is situated on the prestigious Avenue Louis Pasteur bordering the gardens of Harvard University.


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