Kay Konnect in Mexico, courtesy of Tyra Banks show!

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Yeah, I am late posting my vacation activities…like a year late…LOL

Who would have ever thought that Koo Koo Kay could be so calm and collected…and colorful (to all those who never see me outside of black)

An all expense paid trip overseas is the reason…complimentary flight, king size suite, 5 star food and premium alcoholic spirits…

Tia was that not the bluest ocean ever?  Ya’ll had to wake me up from sleeping on the canopy on the beach!  And to think I didn’t believe you when you told me to pack my suitcase…ready for Hedonism or Morocco?

I need another trip…after that tan…


My treasure…Shanek

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My soul mate, my neice Shanek at her senior prom in Maryland this year.  We are twins; same middle name and same birthday.  We have the same personality, same loves, and are both artists.  She just got into the University of Maryland scholars program for Architecture.  Never have I seen a young lady so beautiful inside and out with charm and charisma.  Most girls at 18 don’t move with such swagger as her.  At 18, I was 3 tattoes in.  I admire her.  Hope she never gets corrupted by the evils.  Deep down, she has taught me how to love.  She is my joy:)  She is one of the reasons I hustle so hard:)

My other treasures-neices are in the photos as well (La la is in the blue coat with the slanted cut, Shannon has the golden color natural cut).  I have the same feelings for them as well.  however, had to focus on Shanek, because its her prom photos:)

Can you tell which one is my sister…Sandra? Make no mistake I have 18 neices and nephews…those photos will come on another day.  Love them all like a fat kid loves french fries…:)

Mixtape Magazine…oh yeah, part of that start up too…

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Luigi, the Publisher and I made this crack, before we absolutely cracked from the pressure of being a start-up of publication with no prior experience.  Great memories…the buzz was definitely big…plus we had one of the biggest parties of the year…

Most people probably know me for being the Editor.  Thats when my writing skills were raw and uncut.  Thanks Baby Paul for bringing that to the surface.  You inspired me to post these archives today.

Peep the mixtapes DJ Radio (Sirius Satellite) used to do for us.  Yeah we go way back…

Picasso who?

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Bet ya didn’t know that Kay Konnect was an illustrator too.  I went to school for ART before all of this…Bee in Chicago, I know you are proud to see these pieces from Chamberlayne School of Design…I should have stuck with it I guess…my entire portfolio is in Boston in my mothers basement…:(

Thats all original hand drawings with stories behind them.  The pigments for the eyes are MAC eyeshadow powders, not crayon.  I took them from predesigned MAC textured eye palette sheets. The other images I utilized acrylic pigment, stencils, and crayons…peep the details of the lashes.  That requires a steady hand and ease with the strokes.

Don’t even ask about the complexity of the dual upside faces.  That’s a story in itself.


FLASH.FLICK – COC and Affiliate Snapshots

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CITY OF CHIEFS @ 1050 RESTAURANT (January 2007)

FIGHT KLUB STUDIO LAUNCH…2007 (Red Carpet Style)




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So I woke up this morning drained from the damn daylights saving changes.  What an excuse right?  Go figure.  It was really the liquor all weekend.  I got to grow up. 

Anyhow, I did something impulsive this weekend.  I met up with some friends for drinks on Friday in Manhattan (Zombie is the actual name of the drink I got toasted off) and chit-chatted the night away.  After a few heated political and religious debates I journeyed with my girl to her new house in central New Jersey.  I’m kind of pissed because I was suppose to see my girl Shanelle Gabriel perform at the Bronx museum which is only like 5 blocks from my house, but I never made it home.  What type of shit is that?  Central New Jersey was not on my radar at all, so making the journey was oh so spur of the moment.  I didn’t have any spare clothes, deodorant, or a comb.  All I had in my bag was my MAC make-up (never leave home without it) and an ATM card.  I figured if I was really going to go, I was going to have to hustle it out and get all the other particulars on the way. 

When she asked me to come, I said okay in my mind, go for the night and be back in the morning.  Wrong.  The overnight plan turned into two days.  Thank goodness.  It was so refreshing to be away from the city and just in the central of nowhere.  I haven’t done something this impulsive in two weeks!!! Anyhow, we ate at a sexy Jazz Soul Food Spot called Delta’s in New Brunswick and I got real emotional (as always).  I was so happy at the service this one particular guy who looked like Jon B. gave us that my eyes started to water.  I kind of feel like when someone is knowledgeable about the service that they provide you should thank them.  The guy was so elated.  I told him to get his manager so we could throw in our 2 cents.  When we told the manager about the Jon B twin’s service, she was full of glee.  The Jon B. guy came back and said thanks because he really needed that plug.  After that you know I figured he was probably one day away from getting the Manson ax, and that one “he did a marvelous job” may have put him back in the positive.   

So, back to the zone…my phone was dead, and because I didn’t bring my charger, all my little boyfriends were furious and complaining (just kidding).  Actually, maybe they were upset because I put Married and Expecting as my new status on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/kaykonnect).  I straight up disappeared this weekend.  I love it. At first I was stressed about being disconnected, but oh well, I just had to roll with the punches.  It was kind of like who had more control, the charger or me. Anyhow, I did call my mother in Boston from my girls’ phone, and that’s when she cheered me on the idea of writing my own first book.  She advised me to take the motivation and enlightenment route and apply it to those within my reach.   

Wow, how can I motivate when I damn near don’t have a pot to piss in I said to her.  I live in the red, hate when I see that rent check envelope under my door every thirty days, and am pretty much over Progresso and Nabisco crackers for dinner.  But you know she kind of took another angle with it.  Those who struggle have the greatest success stories.  They are also better motivators and enlighteners because if they truly want to succeed, they got that fire that roars, and if it burns enough, it will spread to those within their circumference.  That sounds hard to put out when everyone is on fire. 

Moving forward…I took that advice and typed my introduction at my girlfriends’ house.  When I got home, I logged on my laptop and gathered clips that I wrote over the last 10 years. Cross my fingers. Listen here, every rejection, every day of confusion, every offense, is all part of the greater scheme of things.  I can recall having meetings pushed back because no one knew who the f#$@ Kay Konnect was.  I remember never being the industry priority.  I had to deal with the egos, the brush off’s, the long telephone holds, the groupie assumptions, the extortion of the relationships I spent so many years and money developing.  I had ideas stolen. I assisted so many people without ever getting thank you’s in their little glossy album thank you sections (now look, shelved albums).  AHA! And now, the curtains are opening, as they will for everyone who can structure a plan and execute without the approval of subliminal haters.  And that’s all it is about, the ability to fucking execute. 

It took almost a lifetime to figure this out: I will never be Russell or Jigga, and you will never be either.  But I will always be Kay Konnect, like you will always be a Rikers, a Sarah Alminawi, a Nilka, a Punch, a Mary Lou, an Ebony Ross, a Shanelle Gabriel, a DJ Jus Dizle, a DJ Scope and Mr. Roger, an Albie from Cheddar DVD, a Hoodpromo, an Amber, a DJ Chela, a Big Ced, a Candice Mackel, a Raychelle, a Conrad, an Ajae Javier, a Shauna Barbosa, or whatever you go by. So on that note, here is how we are looking.  I’ve decided that I don’t want to wait for anyone to put me on their power or business of the year top 30 list this year.  I will re-visit that next year.  Why wait?  CITY OF CHIEFS qualify shit.  You know what I am gonna do?  I am making my own POWER LIST and CITY OF CHIEFS is number ONE.  We are the most organic underdogs on the scene anyhow, and you better believe it.  We will be conducting our own interviews, press days, campaigns and so forth.  And we may just throw our own CITY OF CHIEFS POWER ONE party.  Then we will see if the power players who consider themselves qualifiers gravitate toward us.  We got better stories than half those fruity ass one on one interviews I be reading anyways.  Half those stories aren’t organic, little actresses crying about taking a bus from California to New York to make it.  YAWN. So tell all them f#$% boys I said F-U!  I love that I can be an as@#hole sometimes.  It depends on my mood and the time of the month.  I like me better edgy and out of order anyways. 

RSVP BABY! NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19th at 7PM is the official CITY OF CHIEFS and PMP COLLABORATION MIXER.  This is the second time both forces have come together to collaborate officially.  I would like to take this moment to thank our loyal supporters who over the years have traveled from so many areas such as Paris-France, Baltimore, Boston, Philly, and well as our New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut veterans! We should open up the bar for everyone to drink all night, just because we are the POWER ONE…shouldn’t we Conrad Dimanche and AZ?  Should we? Cross our fingers. Thanks ROCK ME TV… www.rockmetv.com for letting us hold down THE DOOR for the night. 

Disclaimers:CITY OF CHIEFS and PMP encourage serious producers, artists, executives, and media to come through and kick back over wings and things.  THE DOOR (between 38th & 39th and 9th Ave) is the new lounge for creative artists such as us! We will have a live broadcast of the mixer shooting to millions utilizing the power of ROCK ME TV (www.rockmetv.com)!